FLyiNg HoMe…

喃喃自語 Murmur

I am now in a McDonald's, the first Mc meal I have in India.

Walked around and finally found a book shop, bought an whatever novel then come to sit down.

I am not hungry needing to eat something, either not taking a rest here.

I just simply don't want to go anywhere but have to wait for my host here.

This is the right reflection of my mood now.

Since I'd been back to India for 4 days, I did not go anywhere but staying in my host house.

Reading news and articles, chatting with friends, editing pictures and uploading some of them…

And finally, I stepped out of the house becouse my host invited me to visit a museum, and now I am waiting here for him…

Don't tell me that “Not everyone has such a long vacation as you…” or ” You are wasting your holiday…bla bla bla…”

I just lost my mood of traveling since I left Istanbul…

I told friends that I am preparing my mind for back to work.

Meanwhile I'd rather say that I am preparing my mind to be alone again.

To be along because we both sadly don't know when is next time to meet each other.

I wanna go home.

Like a tired bird wanna fly back to his own nest.

Like a kite knows that he needs to go back to the host while wind stopped…

I wanna go home.

I am now simply waiting for the date to go home …









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    2009-09-09 於 14:11:00

    版主回覆:(09/13/2009 04:43:00 PM)
    thanks a lot. I had stared to work.

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